Let’s face it, not everyone is born with the balance and grace of a ballerina.  Unfortunately, when balance is a concern, injuries can also be a problem. As long as your lack of balance isn’t caused by a medical condition, such as an inner ear infection, chances are you can take simple steps to improve balance and decrease the likelihood of injuries.

There are very simple exercises you can perform to enhance your balance while also improving posture and coordination. Here’s one of the easiest:

Just grab a cushion from your sofa or loveseat and place it on the floor. Now, stand one-legged on that cushion and practice moving a medicine ball, heavy book or 1-gallon milk jug from hand to hand, side to side or behind your head. Make sure to stay balanced on that one leg while you do this!

Getting this hang of this simple exercise will help you improve your balance and concentration. It’s also going to assist you in gaining some muscle strength, so be sure to switch out the legs you use to support yourself. Keep in mind this exercise isn’t necessarily easy. It is going to take some time to master, so keep working at it. Once you have it down pat, make it even harder by performing the trick with your eyes closed.

Other Tips for Improving Balance

Here are a few other ways you can enhance your balance:

  1. Make sure to pay attention to your posture – When you walk and stand off balance, you’ll be off balance. Practice walking with your back straight and your shoulders back. Be mindful of holding proper posture at all times – even when you’re sitting – to help it become a habit.
  2. Walk with a book on your head – To make sure your posture and balance are both straight, this old exercise is a good one. Just grab a hardcover book and place it on your head and try to walk as far as you can without having it fall off. Just like the cushion stand, this can take some time to master. Don’t give up!
  3. Wear shoes that fit well – If your footwear isn’t balance and well-fitting, it’s going to show in how you walk.

Do you need more tips for improving your balance and lessening your chances of accidents and injuries?  Consult a trainer at your local gym or fitness center. Chances are the pros here can offer some great advice to help you lose those two left feet!