Coach Tony

Meet Tony Saddy


Fitness Title

Owner and Certified Personal Trainer


NCSF and NASM, IYCA (International Youth Conditioning Association)


Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Psychology


Youth Fitness (IYCA), Post-Rehabilitation Training, Weight loss, Increased Strength, Stamina, Pre/Post Natal, Athletic training, Flexibility, Total Wellness, Personal Trainer Maryville TN

I’d like to start this “about us” by introducing myself to the Maryville area.
I grew up in Chicago (south side) and made the decision to move to Maryville and open this personal fitness training company.
I decided on Maryville, TN (personal trainer Maryville TN) because I love the community and wanted to be an active member in it as well as support local activities throughout Maryville and Blount County.
I have already fallen in love with this fantastic community
and plan to be an active member of it for years to come!

Transforming Through Dedication

Tony Saddy started his career in “corporate America”.
As a HR Director for several transportation companies as well as manufacturing companies.
He knows the meaning of long work days and trying to balance quality of life.
As a lifelong athlete, Tony’s passion to support others in transformation and excelling in whatever fitness goals they have was a natural transition from Human Resources.
While in his 12 years of Personal Fitness Training and Total Wellness in Chicago, Tony worked with Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s Executive Physical Program.
In this program, he worked with various SPECIFIC ailments from corrective work, to post rehabilitation, to obesity and so on. Growing up in a Chiropractic household (father is 1965 Palmer Graduate) only enhanced his ability to succeed in Total Wellness and corrective work. Tony graduated from Pacific University with degrees in Business Administration and Psychology.

Anthony is certified by the NCSF and NASM organizations as well as CPR certified.

Tony grew up on the south side of Chicago and currently resides in Blount County, TN (Personal Trainer Maryville Tn).

If you’re looking for the typical “big box gym”, you will NOT find that here at Get Fit Maryville.

If you’re looking for “run of the mill” Personal Training in Maryville, Alcoa or Blount County in general, you will NOT find that here either!

If you’re looking for SPECIFIC FITNESS GOALS, you’ve come to the right place!

Personal Trainer Maryville TN!

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Free Evaluation

A full body postural and movement analysis will provide the information needed to customize your program.

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Customized Plan

We’ll develop a plan to meet your personal physical goals that accounts for your assessment results.

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Get Results

With your dedication, our customized plan will keep you moving towards your goal.

Choose Your Fitness Training Program


Each person that commits to a program with Tony has a story to tell: the divorcee who wanted to drop the baby weight and feel more confident, the overweight dad who wanted to play with his daughter without getting winded, or the mature man who wanted to combat newfound pains. Success isn’t just possible, it’s probable when you have Tony to guide you.

Get Fit Maryville is a gym for real people who are reaching their goal in a comfortable environment.

Want to be our next success story? Get started on a better you today!

Tony’s Encouraging Words

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