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I put together a customized package to achieve and surpass your wellness goals! WE WILL NOT FAIL! This Fitness Facility is set up for people who are serious about their health. Get Fit Maryville has indoor and outdoor training available! I personally commit to my clients success! I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED and together we will make it happen! Everything we do at Get Fit Maryville will be with proper instruction and by appointment. Your Personal Training in Maryville Tennessee will be top notch!

Tony can help you Get Fit!

Get Fit Maryville is customized Personal Training (Personal Trainer Maryville TN) located in Maryville Tennessee to support your overall wellness goals. Simply stated, we Transform you through YOUR Dedication. Evaluations are conducted immediately and goals are set to insure the client “buys in” to the clients program!


  • Former college athletes seeking a new competitive outlet

  • Teenagers working hard to get into the major leagues

  • Women trying to lose their pregnancy weigh

  • Lifelong “hardgainers” looking to pack on muscle mass

  • Middle-aged desk jockeys who just want to be able to crush beer and wings during NFL games on Sunday afternoons guilt-free

  • Powerlifters who want to move serious weight

  • Post-surgery cases who just want to maintain training during their rehabilitation

Limitless options are available regarding what you want to do.

Prior injuries? I can help!

Stuck in a rut? I can help!

Stubborn pounds? I can help!

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Free Evaluation

A full body postural and movement analysis will provide the information needed to customize your program.

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Customized Plan

We’ll develop a plan to meet your personal physical goals that accounts for your assessment results.

— Step 3 —

Get Results

With your dedication, our customized plan will keep you moving towards your goal.

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Each person that commits to a program with Tony has a story to tell: the divorcee who wanted to drop the baby weight and feel more confident, the overweight dad who wanted to play with his daughter without getting winded, or the mature man who wanted to combat newfound pains. Success isn’t just possible, it’s probable when you have Tony to guide you.

Get Fit Maryville is a gym for real people who are reaching their goal in a comfortable environment.

Want to be our next success story? Get started on a better you today!

Tony’s Encouraging Words

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