“I have been working with Tony since October 2016. I went to Tony to increase my speed and endurance for running. He has taught me proper training techniques to not only make me a stronger runner, but techniques to improve my recovery. Before working with Tony, it would take me about 2 weeks – 1 month to fully recover from a half marathon. Here I am 2 days after my first full marathon and I am already almost 100%. Throughout my training, Tony has evaluated and re-evaluated my progress and has adjusted my training accordingly. He has monitored my recovery after my long runs and has personally checked in with me to determine any necessary modifications. I am definitely a stronger runner because of Tony and I will definitely continue to train with him.

My son has also trained with Tony to improve his strength and speed for baseball. He has definitely achieved both working with Tony, and looks forward to his training sessions.
We could NOT be happier with our choice as the best Personal Trainer in East TN!

If you want PERSONALIZED training and someone who cares about your goals and progress – you could not find a better person to work with.”


“I have been going to Get Fit Maryville for almost a month now and I love it!! I’m so glad I found this place and I love how the hours work with my busy schedule! Tony is an awesome trainer!! I never enjoyed working out until now!! Everyone that comes to work out are very nice and makes the workout even more enjoyable! Highly recommend!!!”
Without question, Tony is the best trainer I have ever worked with!
Best Personal Trainer in East TN!


“I highly recommend anyone to come train with Tony! Tony takes everyone’s physical abilities into account if you have limitations and he has an individualized plan for all his clients! I started in November 2016 and have seen so many improvements in my running, strength, and body transformation. Tony is phenomenal, best in personal trainer in Maryville TN!”


“Love this place .. so friendly.. atmosphere is amazing.. everyone there is so out going and talks while u work out and makes u feel so welcome!!
The knowledge between the trainers are THE BEST!!

Will not go anywhere else… this is my home gym!!!

Chris Sheppard thank u for pushing me.. TEAM US!!!
Tony thank you for have n the best gym and all ur hard work there also!!”


“Tony has only worked with me for about three weeks now and I have dropped 15 pounds. My core strength has doubled as well. I definitely attribute that to Tony’s way of training and the way he pushes you to want to improve yourself. I thank you Tony.”


“My goal was to get back into the swing of things with weight loss and strength training. I Googled “personal trainers Maryville”, in December 2015, and Tony kept popping up in my searches. Set up an evaluation appointment, started my first workout December 28th…and not a day goes by that I don’t thank myself for seeking him out.

After my work out on May 11th, I felt compelled to text him a “thank you”, and to share my thoughts with others, in this review.

“Just wanted to say, every day is leg day and thank you for still pushing me with body weight exercises while taking it easy on my painful knees. I know the work is done by me, but your help and guidance has yielded me results that I never thought I’d see. You totally rock…I’m glad I sought you out in December.”

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, fitness and client dedicated, cut to the chase personal trainer, who has the safety, comfort and wellbeing of his clients in mind 100%…then Tony is your guy, and I highly recommend you set up an evaluation and take the first step to taking back your life!”


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Each person that commits to a program with Tony has a story to tell: the divorcee who wanted to drop the baby weight and feel more confident, the overweight dad who wanted to play with his daughter without getting winded, or the mature man who wanted to combat newfound pains. Success isn’t just possible, it’s probable when you have Tony to guide you.

Get Fit Maryville is a gym for real people who are reaching their goal in a comfortable environment.

Want to be our next success story? Get started on a better you today!

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