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A full body postural and movement analysis will provide the information needed to customize your program.

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We’ll develop a plan to meet your personal physical goals that accounts for your assessment results.

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With your dedication, our customized plan will keep you moving towards your goal.

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Personal Training

A customized plan to achieve your wellness goals with my personal instruction and encouragement.

Youth Sports Performance

Improve speed, agility, quickness, hand/eye & foot/eye coordination, and fight obesity

6 Week Get Back Plan

Review your current wellness and jump start your “Get Back Plan”!  In 6 weeks, we help you create new healthy habits.

Warrior Group Sessions

Group atmosphere 3-4 nights/mornings per week to gain energy, stamina, strength and mobility.

Meet the Trainers

Tony Saddy - Personal Trainer
Kenny Dean - Personal Trainer
Aaron Dykes - Personal Trainer


Each person that commits to a program with Tony has a story to tell: the divorcee who wanted to drop the baby weight and feel more confident, the overweight dad who wanted to play with his daughter without getting winded, or the mature man who wanted to combat newfound pains. Success isn’t just possible, it’s probable when you have Tony to guide you.

Get Fit Maryville is a gym for real people who are reaching their goal in a comfortable environment.

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