Interval Training For Fat Loss

If you’re tired of the same old, same old with your exercise routine, why not shake things up a bit? Interval training can provide just the boost you need to increase calorie and fat burning while making exercise fun again.

Interval training involves short bursts of intense activity coupled with periods of lighter exertion. If you normally jog, for example, you can do so with a twist. Jog for a few minutes and then mix things up by sprinting as fast as you can for a short time. Follow the sprint up with a period of nice, paced jogging. That’s all there is to it and interval training can work with just about any aerobic activity.
This type of intense training is great for fat loss and it is often recommended by doctors and personal trainers for a few very good reasons. The benefits of interval training include:
• Increased calorie burning – The more intense your activity, the more calories you will burn. This holds true even if you increase your intensity levels for only a few minutes at a time. Essentially, you can pack more calorie-burning action into a 45-minute cardio routine when you add intense intervals to the mix.

• You’ll improve endurance – When coupled with normally paced cardiovascular activity, the short bursts of intensity can really help improve endurance and aerobic functioning.
• You’ll enjoy your workouts more – If you are a jogger, cyclist or even swimmer, the repetitive activity can get boring fast. Mix in some intervals of intense training and you will push and challenge yourself. This adds variety and fun to an exercise routine.
Interval training does provide a few other advantages worth noting. If exercises begin with a smart period of warming up, accelerate to paced aerobic activity and then short bursts of intensity, muscle soreness and exhaustion are not as likely to ensue. When you alternate bursts of intensity with more paced activity, waste won’t build up as readily in your muscles. This means you’ll get a great workout without necessarily facing a lot of soreness in the morning.
If interval training sounds like the way to increase your body’s potential to burn fat, check with your trainer or the exercise pros at your health center for assistance. This type of training is not necessarily for everyone. Getting started does require knowing how far to push and when to switch back to standard, paced aerobic activity. A pro will be able to guide you on the right path for working interval training into your regular routine. Keep in mind this can work with just about any type of aerobic activity, so you don’t have to limit yourself in the options department.

Myself…I love interval training…and the heavier and faster the better (when you combine weights/resistance with it)!! If you’re an advanced athlete or been training for years, this is a course of action I HIGHLY recommend to add strength and reduce body fat. For those that are new to the resistance world, try this high intensity set up with lighter weights and see what it does to your body composition! GET IT DONE!!