Tired of feeling tired all the time? Need to boost your energy levels to get through the day? Set aside the power drinks and consider following a plan that puts your body and diet to work for you!

There are natural, healthy ways to make sure you have the energy you need to get through the day, hit the gym and still have enough “get-up-and-go” left to enjoy an evening with the family and friends. To boost your energy without resorting to high-caffeine drinks and potions, try the following:

• Getting enough sleep – If your energy level crashes early in the day, your body might be telling you that you’re doing something wrong. If you’re not getting at least seven, preferably eight, hours of sleep, you might want to reconsider your schedule to work in the right amount of rest. Proper sleeping habits are essential not only for energy levels, but also health.
• Stretch – A few minutes of stretching when the body starts to crash is a great way to gain a little more energy to keep going. Stretching improves blood flow throughout the body and can boost energy.
• Exercise – Work with a trainer to create an exercise program that has you active at least three days a week. This is a great way to increase energy while also helping the body become healthier.
• Don’t skip meals – If you’re skipping meals, you are essentially telling the body to shut down. Make sure to have three sensible meals and a few healthy snacks each day. Spread them out so your metabolism remains in high gear all day and you don’t suffer from major spikes and drops in blood sugar, which can wear you out quickly.
• Avoid huge lunches – Those big lunches office workers have often cause serious crashes around 3 in the afternoon. It is better to eat a modest lunch and follow it up with a snack a few hours later to keep those blood sugar levels in check.
• Eat right – If you crash frequently, your body might be trying to tell you your diet isn’t as good as it should be. Examine what you are eating on a regular basis. Sugary, high-fat foods and processed products might taste good, but they don’t necessarily provide the fuel the body needs. Alter diet to include a well-rounded repertoire that focuses on nutrition.
• Take your vitamins – Getting every mineral and vitamin required by the body in a single day through diet can be difficult even for nutritional masters. Consider supplements, especially those with B12, if energy issues continue.
• Seek medical attention – If energy levels are extremely low, it might be time to seek medical attention. This is especially so if you’ve worked with your trainer on diet and exercise and energy levels are still not improving.

Getting through the day takes energy. While you can get it from a drink temporarily, there are much healthier options to keep the body running right.