People looking for a personal trainer in Maryville, TN always ask, “How long until I see some real improvement?” My answer… “How hard are you willing to work, eat right and hold yourself accountable to a PLAN?”

Tony is the personal trainer who can take all of the guesswork out of this! It all starts with 1 thing… What is your 6 WEEK GOAL?  Strength?  Weight Loss?  Endurance?  Inches off?  Once this is established, the fitness and/or nutrition plan is put in play!  Personal Trainer Maryville TN.

Healthy Eating for Weight loss and fitness

Eating to “Get Fit” Nutrition Plan

Nutrition makes up 80% of the results you achieve on any fitness or weight loss program. The primary goal of the “Eating to Get Fit” plan is to stimulate your metabolism so that it works for you…not against you.  Keeping an accurate food log may be essential here pending your individual goals!  Personal Trainer Maryville TN.

Men's Fitness Training - Planking

Strength/Resistance Training to “Get Fit”

Strength/resistance training has been shown to burn up to 10 times as many calories per hour as cardiovascular training.  Strength training is the only exercise that allows someone to actually shape their body as desired.  The effectiveness of strength training makes this type of exercise the foundation of your Get Back Plan and it will be performed at least 2-3 hours per week.  Personal Trainer Maryville TN.

Women's Fitness Training - Plank with Bands

Cardiovascular Work to “Get Fit”

Cardiovascular training produces a healthy heart and is also a good way to burn extra fat on days when it is either not appropriate or not possible to perform your strength training.  You may perform cardiovascular exercise at least 2-3 times per week at a level determined appropriate by your personal trainer to strengthen your heart and increase endurance.  Personal Trainer Maryville TN.

Combine the 3 Get Fit components, the best personal trainer in Maryville Tennessee, and your dedication and success is inevitable!!

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