Working out by just going through the motions is all too easy to do. After all, most of us really would rather do anything other than exercise.

Not paying attention, however, can be one of the worst things you will ever do. First, when you exercise without putting your heart into it, you might lose enough focus to cause yourself injury. Second, there’s a fairly good chance that lack of focus will prompt you to lose proper form. This means you’re probably not getting the most from your workout time or reaping the physical benefits you’re after.

If you’re working out to increase muscle tone, strength, endurance or just overall health, it just doesn’t make sense to get sweaty without gaining all the rewards. This is where form really comes into play even with very simple exercises.

Tips For Getting the Most Of Your Exercise Time

If you’ve just discovered you’re holding improper form when doing reverse crunches and hanging knee rises, chances are your form might be off on other routines you do. To fix this, try these tips:

  1. A short warm up is often not enough to really limber up your body before a workout. Take the time to really warm the muscles you’ll be targeting, including foam rolling. In many cases, a lack of mobility or lactic acid build up is to blame for improper form.
  2. Slow things down – Don’t just go through the motions. Slow down your workout a little to make sure your form is right and that you can repeat holding it on a regular basis. Ideally, you’ll want to make proper form a habit you eventually don’t have to think about.
  3. Work with a trainer – The folks at your local gym or fitness center can help monitor your workouts to make sure you are holding proper form. They can also help you make the necessary corrections. It just makes sense to get this kind of help to ensure that your time spent exercising is time well spent.