A Healthy Body Image Starts With You

Feeling good about the skin you’re in doesn’t call for developing a waif’s figure, a model’s face or a queen’s grace. The fact of the matter is a healthy body image must come from the inside – not out. No matter what you look like, how much you weigh or how graceful you happen to be, you can be happy with who you are.

While it’s always wise to learn to eat right, work exercise into your routine and generally take care of yourself from the inside out, these actions won’t produce the desired results if you don’t develop a healthy body image first.

Sadly, the messages we receive from movies, television and magazines can make it very hard for individuals to be pleased with how they look. When the truth is uncovered, however, it becomes a little easier. The fact is the icons society holds up as “beautiful” are just people, too. The models in magazines with those perfect faces and bodies are generally airbrushed. They don’t look perfect in real life. Actresses who are 10 or 20 pounds underweight just for looks are likely gambling with their health to stay paper thin.

So, how can you develop a healthy image of yourself in light of society’s role models?

Try doing these things to become happy with who you are now:

  • Identify and capitalize on your strengths – Explore the inner you and list out the traits that make you special. These can includes both physical and personality traits. You might be the most loyal friend in the world. Perhaps you have eyes that can stop traffic. Focus on what makes you special and embrace those things.
  • Identify the things you’d like to change – Let’s face it; most of us do have things about ourselves we’d like to change or make better. Identify these things and determine which ones can be changed within reason. Perhaps you’d like to lose 10 pounds? Or maybe you’d like to work on being a more understanding person? Consider the things that are within reach and take action to make these things happen.
  • Take steps to make positive, realistic changes – Once you identify the things you can do to become the person you want to be, take steps to make the goals become reality. Start a workout plan to begin the weight loss process. Focus on eating healthier. Go back to school to obtain the degree you want. Use positive reinforcements to develop the personality traits you’d like to display.

It doesn’t matter how many days a week you spend in a gym, you’re not going to be happy with the changes made until you learn to love yourself. Developing a positive self image is the first step to becoming happy with who you are. Work with the pros at your local fitness center or a personal trainer to identify steps you can take to reach your goals and improve your self-image along the way. Remember to embrace the wonderful person you already are to gain maximum enjoyment of your results.