Fat loss plans are ways of doing everyday things, like eating, in a way that promotes fat loss and blocks fat storage.  Sounds pretty great, right?!  Personal Trainer Maryville TN.

Here are my 7 most effective Fat Loss Plans…

Fat Loss Plan #1: Cauliflower Rice
Serve shredded, sautéed cauliflower as rice, rather than traditional brown or white rice.  This simple hack will save you hundreds of calories per meal and will leave you no less satisfied.  You can even add your favorite spices and flavor additions as you do with traditional rice.

Fat Loss Plan #2: Vegetable Noodles
There are many ways to create and enjoy noodles made from vegetables, rather than noodles made from grains.  The veggie noodles are a hundred times less fattening than grain-based noodles, so what are you waiting for?!  Use a spiral slicer to turn zucchini or butternut squash into noodles; bake a spaghetti squash and scrape out those nature-made noodles; or simply use a traditional veggie peeler to create long noodle strips from zucchini.

Fat Loss Plan #3: Lettuce Wrapped
By simply replacing your sliced bread and buns for large pieces of lettuce, you’ll quickly eliminate a couple hundred calories from each meal.  Once you get used to the crunch of the lettuce you’ll enjoy your new style of sandwich and burger even more than the traditional way.

Fat Loss Plan #4: Protein Powder
Did you know that protein powder can be used in many recipes to increase the protein and reduce the carbs?  Replace a portion of the flour in your pancakes with high quality protein powder and you’ll see how delicious it tastes while being so much healthier for you.

Fat Loss Plan #5: Coconut Oil
Replace the vegetable oil in your kitchen with coconut oil, and enjoy benefits such as increased fat burning and reduced appetite.  In addition, you’ll be avoiding the pitfalls of other, less healthy oils and fats.  Coconut oil can be used in virtually any recipe – both stove top and baking.

Fat Loss Plan #6: Wholesome Sweeteners
Throw the refined sugar out of your kitchen and replace it with any one of these wholesome sweeteners: coconut sugar, raw honey, pure maple syrup, or pitted dates.  By getting your sweet fix from these wholesome, real food sweeteners you’ll be taking in fewer calories and there will be less of an impact on your blood sugar, which will result in less fat stored.

Fat Loss Plan #7: Water
Replace high calorie beverages with crystal clear water.  This simple plan could quite possibly change your life.  If high calories, sugar-laden beverages make up a significant part of your daily calories then switching to water will swiftly induce fat loss.

Start using these Fat Loss Plans today and enjoy a leaner, more fit physique.  Let me know when your jeans start to feel loose around the waist!

A consistent, challenging exercise program, like the ones that I provide for my clients, is the only way to achieve and maintain your ultimate fat loss goal.  If you’re on the fence about starting one of my programs today then call or email for the details.  Personal Trainer Maryville TN.