Most of us know that exercising is important for keeping weight in check while promoting good health. Even so, many people just don’t relish the prospect of working out for one minute longer than they have to.  If it’s time to exercise and you want to maximize your efforts, it’s time to consider adding opposing muscle group workouts into your routine.

Opposing muscle workouts are exactly what they sound like. They call for focusing on muscle groups that oppose each other like the biceps and triceps. When you work these out in a back-to-back fashion it can help you shave time off your routine while ensuring you get great results in the process. The why’s behind this are pretty simple:  While you’re working one muscle the other is forced to rest. This enables you to decrease the time in between sets and can help you get your workout faster.

While this type of workout is great when time is of the essence, it’s just plain smart to work into the routine all the time. The reality is it can help you do more in less time without making you cut corners in the process. Opposing muscle group workouts are perfect for the arms, legs, chest and back – pretty much all the groups you want to focus on to maintain or increase fitness levels.

Other Tips for Maximizing Your Workout Time

There are other steps you can take to make the most of your workout time. They include:

  • Formulating a plan in advance – It’s best to have a routine figured out so there’s no time wasted in between sets and muscle group concentrations trying to figure out what to do next.
  • Breaking up your areas of concentration – Try to rotate out the major muscle groups you work out on a regular basis. For example, if you focus on the arms and cardio one day, work on the legs and cardio the next. This enables you to ensure all major muscle groups get regular attention while preventing you from having to spend too much time in a single workout to give all these groups the attention they need.
  • Working with a trainer – If you’re new to exercising or just want to get more from the time you put in, it makes sense to consult a pro. Just stop by your local fitness center or neighborhood gym and ask the experts there for advice on how to maximize your efforts. Working out with professional guidance can give you the plan and the extra support you need to reach your goals in no time at all!