Losing weight; it’s the quintessential New Year’s resolution. Chances are if you made the weight-loss resolution this year, you are scrambling right now trying to figure out how to make it stick – or maybe how to start it.
Relax! There are ways to make sure your promise to yourself is kept. You might need to take a step back and evaluate what you are doing to make it happen though.
Losing weight is a process that takes some dedication along the way. While it might require some work, it can also prove to be a whole lot of fun if you approach it in the right way.
To help yourself make this year’s resolution materialize, follow these tips:

• Reevaluate your goals – Depending on how you worded your resolution, you may need to reevaluate it and set realistic goals. If you said, “I’m going to lose 100 pounds this year,” chances are you are already daunted by the task. Change your wording to, “I’m going to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable manner and keep working on it.” Shoot for a pound or two a week in the short term and keep that 100 pounds in the long term and you won’t find yourself so overwhelmed!

Get advice – Healthy, sustainable weight loss often requires the creation of a multi-pronged attack to make it happen. This means combining the right menu with the right workout plan. When the two combine correctly, you ensure the food going in is good for the body and your weight loss goals. You also ensure that your body’s use of those calories is where it needs to be to assist in making your resolution materialize. Consult your trainer or professionals at your health club for assistance in formulating a realistic plan that you can actually follow.

• Work on developing healthy habits – Habits are things you do without even thinking about them. Reaching for a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, for example, is a habit you may have developed over time. You can develop new, healthier habits if you work at it. Pick one thing at a time and keep doing it until you don’t even think about it any longer. You might want to exercise for 15 minutes before drinking that coffee or start bagging your lunch so you can resist fast-food temptations when you are away from home.

• Have patience – A New Year’s resolution worth making will likely take some time to develop. Weight loss and getting into shape require a process that doesn’t produce results overnight. Work closely with your trainer and mark your short term goals as signs of your success.

• Ask for help when you need it – Putting yourself on a path for weight loss will likely call for some changes in your everyday routine. Getting into the swing of things is often difficult. The temptation is always present to slip. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and support when you need it. Count on your trainer, professionals at Get Fit Maryville and your friends and family to help.

If you’re ready to make this year’s resolution stick, you can do it! With persistence and a solid support team, including your trainer, this year WILL be a great one.