Contrary to what most kids think, adults don’t always like their fruits and vegetables. While grownups might tell their offspring to eat up, there’s a good chance the words of wisdom aren’t heeded by the speakers. If you work hard to avoid what you know is good for your body, you’re not alone. But, as parents are so quick to point out, eating right is important.
So, how can you get your daily dose without driving yourself to distraction? Try doing what parents often do to their kids: sneak those fruits and veggies into your routine.
Here are some great, but sneaky ways to make sure you’re eating right:

• Enjoy an apple a day – Apples really are among the most perfect foods. They’re packed with vitamins and minerals and they add a sweet, crunchy snap to just about any meal. If you just can’t bring yourself to sit down and eat one alone, however, try adding some slices to your favorite sandwich. Chicken, turkey or hummus sandwiches are great with a slice of apple to top them off.
• Drink them down – Smoothies (homemade, not the processed, sugary kind) are great. Fruit smoothies can provide a sweet pick me up. Veggie smoothies might sound odd, but honestly, they taste great and add a whole lot of nutrition to the daily routine.
• Scramble them in – Adding a few pinches of fresh spinach to scrambled eggs or morning egg white omelets can provide a great infusion of nutrient that won’t overpower the meal. If eggs are your passion, you can even add in some fresh peppers, onions and other veggies to get a good serving in the morning.
• Cover them up – Low-fat spinach artichoke dip is a great “cover up” for fresh veggies. Try it with celery, carrot sticks, peppers and other crunchy, fresh veggies. If spinach artichoke doesn’t do anything for you, consider a low-fat ranch or another cover flavor to help you get your veggies down each day.
• Mix them in – You can add fresh veggies and fruit to almost any meal. Try working zucchini and squash work great in casseroles. Carrots and celery are fantastic food processed down and added to spaghetti sauce. Get creative and have some fun with the process.
If you just can’t follow your own words of advice, try disguising your fruits and vegetables to make sure you get your daily dose. There are great ways to make sure you eat right even if you don’t like doing so! Consider asking your trainer or the folks at the local gym for some advice, too. Chances are they’ll have some fantastic suggestions to help you out.