For those of you looking for a CUSTOM-TAILORED fitness and wellness program that matches YOUR SPECIFIC health goals, look no further!  I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and have been a client of Tony Saddy’s for over a year.  I can truly say that after we had our consult and I shared with him what my specific goals were, he felt totally confident about his ability to help me, and it was quite simply, “Let’s get to work on it!”.  He didn’t try to encourage me to do something or have goals for me based on what HE WANTED for me or what HE thought I should want.  We just got to work.  I can tell you, NEVER before have I felt better, more balanced, less aches & pains, stronger, more flexible, more energy and more fit.  I just completed my most rigorous “challenge” in my life… EVER… at age 41.  Ever heard of a Spartan Race??  They are NO JOKE and you’ve got to be in top shape to properly and actually COMPLETE/”CONQUER” all the “tasks/obstacles” during the race (as opposed to doing penalty burpees by not completing the task).  If it weren’t for Tony, there would be NO WAY I would’ve been physically or mentally prepared to take on this task.  What’s next??  A Spartan “Super” in early October 4th (8+ miles, about 20 obstacles…. My LONGEST AND MOST RIGOROUS “test” EVER), then a Spartan “Beast” (12+ miles, 25+ obstacles) in late October.  Good luck with your health & fitness endeavors! You’ve found the right person and the right place in Tony Saddy & Get Fit Maryville!

Dr. Dan Van Zandt, Maryville, TN