The path to better health and fitness doesn’t necessarily have to start with a gym membership and a radical revamping of the diet. The simple truth is getting more active in any way at all is the first major step in the right direction.

Remember, that it’s natural for humans to get up and move! The body needs and craves movement. It proves it by losing flexibility and strength when muscles aren’t put to use.

So, what can be done to get the body moving?

The possibilities are almost endless. Even when only 10 minutes a day can be dedicated to “hard” workouts, the body can benefit. Here are some tips for getting more movement built into the regular routine – with or without a gym membership:

  • Walk whenever possible – Walking is a great exercise and it can make a difference in overall health. Building time to walk into the regular routine isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Park farther back at the mall lot, walk to the corner store, get up and move around the house more frequently. Take the stairs instead of the elevator to add some cardio to the mix, too. If there’s time, consider taking a longer walk on a daily basis. A family walk after dinner is a great way to bond while sneaking in some exercise.
  • Stretch it out – Stretching isn’t vigorous exercise, but it’s important for the body. Take the time each day to stretch out the muscles in the legs, back, neck, shoulders and so on. Even if stretching takes place on a 15-minute lunch break at work, it’s movement that’s good for the body. It can also help keep flexibility levels high.
  • Play – Exercise doesn’t have to take place in a gym to be beneficial. Play with the kids, join a tennis league, get busy on the basketball court. Just do something that’s fun and personally rewarding to make moving a part of the regular routine.
  • Consider that gym membership or hiring a Fitness Professional – Going to a gym can be a real pain in the neck, but the rewards can ripple throughout life. If getting started with a fitness routine is an obstacle, consider a membership and work with a Fitness trainer to create a plan that makes sense personally.

The human body was designed to move and it will rebel if it doesn’t get its way. Just get up and do something – anything – that involves movement to take a positive step in the right direction (to Get Fit Maryville!!) each and every day.