There’s nothing like Spring to get your creative and wellness juices flowing!  Wouldn’t you rather start off something like a 5K race right?  Here are some things to think about (Get Fit Maryville too!)

When it’s time to lose weight and get into shape, running is a fantastic hobby to pick up. Runners build endurance, burn calories and can greatly reduce their stress levels. A 5K race is the perfect length for beginners to select to take their running out of the solo arena and put it into a group setting. Preparation, however, is critical for gaining the ability to really go the distance.

Getting ready for 5K race does involve several steps and the earlier a runner can dive into these the better. Here’s a plan to help transform a new runner into an athlete that can easily finish a 5K run:

Get a Medical Evaluation

While a 5K race is only 3.1 miles and it’s the perfect distance for beginning competitors, training should first start in a doctor’s office. It’s best to get medical clearance and advice for setting a safe, healthy training routine. A doctor is a critical piece of the puzzle because it’s important to have a clear understanding of current medical status before diving into a training schedule.

Train Smart

It’s not really a good idea to start training one day with the intent of running a 5K the next. It’s best to start weeks out from an event and gradually work to increase distance and endurance over time.

One of the best ways to get started is to work directly with a personal trainer that understands the ins and outs of distance running. A good trainer can offer advice on diet, stretches, endurance builders and more. He or she will also be able to prescribe a smart training plan that builds up to the full 5K distance and even beyond.

Eat Right

In order to train effectively and have the energy necessary to complete a 5K, a runner’s body has to be properly fueled. Eating a smart, well-balanced diet will help with training and it should also assist with any weight loss goals associated with running.

Stay Hydrated

Water is crucial for a runner’s ability to go the distance. It’s important while training for a 5K to keep hydrated. Drink water regularly and make it a daily routine. This can not only help keep the body healthy, but also will assist in keeping muscle healthy during training.

A 5K race is the perfect starting place for new runners. It’s not, however, something to try and take on overnight. Creating a proper training routine can increase chances for success in making it the distance.

If this is something in your plans, Get Fit Maryville can certainly support the process.  Stop in or call for an evaluation!