Lose 20 pounds in two days. Eat as much as you want and shed the pounds. Consume only pink foods to see that waistline melt away.
The claims of some fad diets do sound a bit ridiculous, but that doesn’t necessarily reduce their appeal. When there’s a desire to lose weight, the fastest, easiest methods can be rather attractive. While some fad diets can help people drop weight quickly, the reality is the weight lost doesn’t generally stay off. It’s also likely that the methods employed to produce rapid weight loss might compromise health.
So, what’s the best way to lose weight safely?
No matter what fad diets are popular in the now, there is advice that remains constant. This advice hasn’t changed throughout the ages because of the simple fact that it works.
Here are the three main ingredients for safe, healthy weight loss:
Eat Smarter
Proper diet is critical for weight loss and maintaining any loss that’s enjoyed. A proper diet, however, doesn’t mean having to go on one. Rather than make major alterations to eating habits for a few weeks to drop pounds quickly, it’s smarter to simply make wiser choices all the time and incorporate better eating into the daily routine.
Some tips for this include:
• Eating smaller meals more frequently – Three big meals a day isn’t necessarily the way to go when weight loss is the plan. Instead, opt for smaller, more frequent meals. Be sure not to skip eating either – this can slow down the metabolism and promote retention of weight.
• Making healthier choices – Go with whole grain instead of processed. Pick grilled foods instead of fried. Consider lean meats instead of fattier ones. Just make better choices throughout the day.
• Selecting the right portion size – Consider taking smaller portions or leaving some on the plate. Remember that a serving of meat is the same size as the palm of your hand.
• Picking healthier snacks – There’s nothing wrong with snacking if better foods are selected. Instead of chips, grab some unbuttered popcorn. Go with fresh fruit instead of a hunk of cake. Smart substitutions can make all the difference.
• Don’t completely deny cravings – When a good diet becomes a lifestyle, it’s OK to slide once in a while. Don’t worry about eating too much at a holiday meal or selecting the pie instead of fruit after a special meal. It’s OK to be bad once in a while as long as the regular routine involves smarter, healthier choices.
Drink Lots of Water:
Proper hydration is vital for weight loss and maintenance of health. Try to drink at least eight glasses a day to promote proper health and weight loss, both.
Get Active
Diet is important for weight loss, but so is exercise. Get busy to get the best results with any diet. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring or “grueling” to be effective either. Just find something that’s fun and gets the heart pumping and go with it.
Fad diets come and go, but the three main ingredients for weight loss remain the same. Eat right, drink lots of water and get active to see results that are likely to last. Stop by GFM for a free consultation and session for more ideas to promote your goals!