Try something new!!!

No one wants flabby, untoned arms, but sometimes getting results out of exercise routines is more difficult than it sounds. There are ways to maximize efforts to gain the desired look while properly toning arm muscles and avoiding injury in the process.

If it’s time to get serious about shaping those arms, consider exercising them separately. While this might add a few minutes onto the average workout routine, it has benefits that go beyond the visual results.

Your Arms Don’t Operate in Tandem So Don’t Exercise Them That Way

While it’s tempting to pick up two hand weights and get those curls out of the way faster, working the arms separately makes sense for a few pretty compelling reasons:

  1. It’s very difficult to concentrate the mind on working out the arms together. When each arm is treated to a separate workout, laser attention can be given to each individual muscle.
  2. It’s hard to maintain proper form when working out the arm muscles in tandem. When each arm gets its own special attention, holding proper form is much easier to maintain. This, in turn, can make a workout more beneficial while helping prevent injuries that improper form can foster.

How to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Time

When splitting a workout so each arm gets its due, just run through your normal routine twice. Shoulder presses, curls and other arm-building movements can all be beneficial. Just start with a set on one arm and then switch it up to the other. When doing so, be sure to:

  • Keep sets consistent in time and number to promote symmetrical strengthening.
  • Focus on form to prevent injuries and maximize results.

More Advice for Toning Those Arms

While giving each arm the individual attention it deserves can make a difference in the results department, more steps are often necessary to really gain the desired look. When trying to tone the arms and the body as a whole, be sure to:

  • Eat a balanced, healthy diet that promotes fat-burning and muscle strength.
  • Take the time to work out properly without cutting corners.
  • Get plenty of rest and drink lots of water.
  • Exercise patience. It can take time to see results.
  • Consider talking to a trainer at a local gym or fitness center for more advice on how to properly tone and strengthen arms and other areas of concern. These pros can not only offer input on exercise routines and goal-setting, but they are whizzes at helping others get the most from their workout time.