Shedding a few calories doesn’t have to be hard work!  Today I’m going to share 9 ways to burn 100 calories while smiling and having fun in the process!  Personal Trainer Maryville TN.

#1 Burn: Two-Wheel It

Remember when you were young and rode your bike everywhere you wanted to go?  One of the most fun modes of transportation, biking lets you feel the wind and experience the world around you in ways that are impossible when driving a car or sitting on a bus.  Hop on your beloved two-wheeler for 15 minutes or more, keep the pedals moving and you’ll cut 100 calories from your waistline.

#2 Burn: Grab a Club

Walking an entire 18-hole golf course is a great way to burn a lot of calories.  Not interested in hunting down your lost ball in the woods, no problem!  A round of miniature golf may not seem intense, but it’s enough to get rid of 100 calories.  Act goofy the whole time to embarrass your kids and you’ll burn even more!

#3 Burn: Climb On

Feeling particularly adventurous or ready to try something new?  Slip on some climbing shoes and hit your local climbing wall.  And don’t worry—you don’t have to climb hundreds of feet to drop 100 calories.  You’ll get rid of that many calories in less than 10 minutes.  Just be careful: climbing is a great workout that is highly addictive.  If you’re local to Get Fit Maryville, HIT THE MOUNTAINS!!!

#4 Burn: Stand Tall (and Get Wet)

Want to stay cool while you burn 100 calories?  Hop in the boat for an afternoon of water skiing. You’ll leave 100 calories in your wake after just 15 minutes of skiing and every minute after gets rid of even more—all while you don’t break a sweat.

#5 Burn: Bang the Drum

By far one of the most fun instruments out there to play, the drums can also be physically demanding.  Bang around on them vigorously for half an hour and you’ll meet your goal of burning 100 calories and leave with a smile.

#6 Burn: Get Soiled

You want to eat better and get fit at the same time.  Well, here’s the good news: you can do both by planting your own garden.  Within the first 25 minutes of digging and planting, 100 calories will go out the window, and when your veggies peek out of the ground, your diet will take a giant step in the right direction.

#7 Burn: Shake Your Booty

Even people who hate dancing in public smile while dancing at home with a loved one.  Act like a loony for four pop songs in a row and you can have peace of mind knowing you just shook 100 calories from your shrinking frame.  Now that’s something to dance about!

#8 Burn: Fly High

Trampolines aren’t just for kids.  They’re for anyone who wants to burn 100 calories in half an hour.  Sound too good to be true?  Start jumping for joy every day and see if you begin to see changes in your body.

#9 Burn: Head to the Mall

Your friends won’t believe you, but the next time you go the mall, tell them you’re going so you can burn some calories.  Even if you’re there for just a little while, keeping up a steady shopping pace for 40 minutes is enough to get rid of 100 calories.

If you want to really expedite your results then consider working with me on a fitness plan that will turn you into a fat burning machine. Call or email today—I look forward to hearing from you!  

Personal Trainer Maryville TN.